2023 World Final

With the mountains and seas in love with each other, it’s like a dream when swinging in the Forest City Legacy Course. Crossing the Pacific Ocean and after a fierce competition among17 cities nationwide, the 140 qualified golfers embarked on their legendary trip to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Malaysia and the two-day journey has finally come to a successful conclusion.

On January 17th, 2018 Luzhou Laojiao & Guojiao 1573 & Guojiao Club Members National Golf Challenges and World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) China National Finals were held at the Legacy Golf Course in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. More than 100 stronger players from 17 cities gathered in the legendary course and launched an exciting matchup. After two rounds of 18-hole competition, two golfers from Team Zhengzhou Wei Zeng and Qi Sen Zhao finally won the National Champions and will be representing Luzhou Laojiao & Guojiao 1573 as China National Team to attend the 26th Edition WCGC World Final to be held in Cascais, Portugal.

General Manager Mr. Biao Zhang from Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd, WCGC China Chairman Mr.Winsen Qian, International Referee Mr. Shang Wen Ye, also chief referee for 2018 World Corporate Golf Challenge China National Finals, and Director of Brand Promotion Department Mr. Zhi Peng Lin from Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd attended the Nation finals in Malaysia.

As a leading liqour maker in China’s high-end liquor industry and as WCGC China event partner – Luzhou Laojiao & Guojiao 1573 has a banner of inheriting Chinese traditional culture and long-standing history to share the Chinese liquor culture with the world that has been inherited for thousands of years and is constantly innovating.

The world-class WCGC event teamed up with Luzhou Laojiao & Guojiao 1573 to create the most exciting golf event of the year. After two rounds of intense competition, the legendary tour of WCGC China National Finals held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia ushered in an exciting moment that the Net Champion was won by Qi Sen Zhao from Zhengzhou city and 1st Runner-Up Xi Ming Liu from Urumqi city and 2nd Runner-Up Gao Hua from Suzhoucity with the scores of 143.6, 144 and 144.2 respectively; however, the most important ranking for team scores is Team Zhengzhou ranking the NO.1 among all the 17 teams from 17 cities. According to the rules, the top two players from the winning team – Team Zhengzhou, Wei Zeng and Qi Sen Zhao were qualified to participate in the 2019 WCGC World Final representing National Cellar 1573 and China.

With the end of the game, it was announced that the WCGC China event ended smoothly this season. The many records created this season will be written into an important page in the development of China’s amateur golf that 2 World Tour games were held to kick off the annual qualifiers and 2 rounds of National Finals with perfect ending through 125-day qualifiers in 17 cities with more than 1,300 players participating in the event.

Speaking of participating experience of WCGC this season, many golfer members gave a high evaluation of the event and expressed their own voice. General Manager Mr. Biao Zhang from Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. reviewed the glory of the 2018 Luzhou Laojiao& Guojiao 1573 National Golf Challenges and WCGC China Qualifiers and said, “The National Finals ended with a successful conclusion, which is the moving moment for all the members of the National Celler Guojiao Club! In the future Luzhou Laojiao & Guojiao 1573 will provide a broader platform for Chinese and foreign members to exchange ideas and achieve cooperation for common development.” WCGC China Chairman Mr. Winsen Qian also said, ” WCGC and Luzhou Laojiao & Guojiao 1573 are a perfect match. In 2019, both sides will jointly make WCGC China golf events to a higher and broader level.”

Qi Sen Zhao was delighted to become Net Champion of this year’s National Finals with a good score of 143.6 and when we talked about his winning experience, he said that there is no shortcut to success but only constant training and learning from stronger golfers. “Thanks to Luzhou Laojiao and Guojiao 1573 for setting up such a good platform for many members who love wine and golf so that I have the opportunity to learn from more masters. I’m very happy!”

“I’m very pleased to be able to represent Luzhou Laojiao and Guojiao 1573 for the 2019 WCGC World Final in Portugal!” The other winner Wei Zeng said modestly. When talking about the greatest charm of golf, he used four Chinese words to express his opinion: Life-long learning. “For more than a decade, I have been self-challenging and self-breaking every year, and each year I have new goals which motivate me to keep approaching it.” Wei Zeng said that playing golf has made him calmer and calmer. “Playing golf is like life. After you finish one shot, you have to go forward. You need more patience and perseverance, and always take the next step. I have always integrated my life experience, family, and career into golf. Not only playing is getting better but my state is getting more and more stable, and I’ve got better growth from it.”