2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

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Cascais Bay

Cascais and its spectacular coastline are a must-see destination for any visitor to Portugal. Flanked on two sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the region is located just 25 km from Lisbon and its international airport, stretching west in a rectangle from Carcavelos to Guincho Beach. Nearby stands the imposing Cabo da Roca, mainland Europe’s most westerly point.

With its mild year-round climate, the Portuguese Riviera (as the region is sometimes known) offers a surprising variety of landscapes and attractions, combining a wide range of possibilities in one very unique destination. From pure leisure to business, golf, sun, sea and water sports, the Cascais Coast simply has it all and offers a new definition of the concepts of eco- and activity-based tourism.


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Airport/Hotel Transfers
On request, an Airport Transfer Service free of charge for All ARRIVALS will operate between 0600 & 2000 on 3rd July. All arrivals that fall outside of the transfer service will need to organize alternative transport unless otherwise requested/ informed. A transfer service free of charge for All DEPARTURES will operate on 7th July throughout the day. Guests should book their departure transfer time at the WCGC Event Desk. Departure transfers that fall outside of this day will need to be arranged privately.NOTE: In some cases transfers will be grouped with either a later or earlier flight. As a result you may need to wait a short while, before your transfer leaves. We thank you for your patience.External Event Transfers
There are a number of events throughout the week where a Transfer Service will be in operation. In most cases the WCGC will provide transport to and from the external event venues. If you wish to continue on from any of the events, alternative transport must be arranged by yourself. Transfer Service information and times for all external events will be available at the WCGC Event Desk throughout the week.Shuttle Service
Throughout the week there will be a Shuttle Service in operation between both venues. Shuttle service Information and times will be available at the WCGC Event Desk and on the noticeboards throughout the week.

Please ensure that both your luggage and your golf bags are well labelled, as this will ensure that they can be transferred to your hotel room/Caddy Master. Golf Clubs will be kept securely in the Caddy Master’s store room overnight, and can be collected by the competitors/guests on a daily basis, however this is the responsibility of the competitor/guest to organise this.

general_information_04Check-in at the Hotel
On check-in, competitors/guests will be asked to produce a credit card against which all extras (outside of all official World Corporate Golf Challenge events), such as snacks, lunches, drinks, extra night stays and telephone calls can be charged on departure.

EURO (€)


general_information_05Check-out at the Hotel
All competitors/guests should check-out well in advance of your departure time.
This may be done the night before departure if preferred.

golf information1Dress Code
Dress Code The general dress code for all evening events is SMART/CASUAL, except for the Prize Giving Gala Dinner which is BLACK TIE (Smoking/Tuxedo/Dinner Suit), the equivalent for ladies or NATIONAL DRESS.

Hire includes: Jacket, Trousers, Shirt, Tie and range.
Cost: 80 euros (VAT INCLUDED)

The Hire Company will come to The Oitavos hotel on the 4th July and if necessary, also on the 5th July to take measurements. They will deliver the Black Tie Suit on the 6th July in the morning.

Return of your hired suit or dress must be made the next morning to the WCGC Event Desk on the 7th July, no later than 1200h.

In order to confirm your hire you must confirm to raquel@worldcorporategolfchallenge.com: no later than 15th June.

Payment Conditions: 80 euros in cash once measurements have been taken.



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There are no buggies at Oitavos Dunes. Competitors are not allowed to use buggies during the official practice and competition rounds, unless genuine medical reasons apply – this must be agreed in advance with Raquel Silva (Event Manager) and if suitable arrangements can be made we will endeavour to make them.

golf_information_06Registration / Handicap Certificates
All Competitors/Guests must provide a current handicap certificate which will be checked at the WCGC Event Desk on arrival on the 3rd July. Registration and Recording will take place every day in the WCGC Hospitality Area at Oitavos Dunes regardless of playing at Oitavos Dunes. All Competitors/Guests must register every morning at least 30 minutes before their tee of time.

golf_information_08 Television/Filming
Golfing World TV will be filming the event from the 3rd – 7th July 2019. Prior to the event or on arrival at the WCGC Event Desk, all competitors/guests will be asked to sign a consent form agreeing that they are happy to be filmed during the week. If you have any problems with this then please let Raquel Silva (Event Manager) know in advance.

golf_information_12Golf Club Hire
There are a very limited number of Hire Clubs available from Oitavos Dunes and it is highly recommended that you travel with your own set. If this is not possible then please notify Raquel Silva, Event Manager, who will assist in booking them for you, subject to availability.

golf_information_02Bag Storage
Competitors/Guests golf bags will be kept safely and securely at The Oitavos hotel on your arrival and can be collected on the morning of 5th of July. From then on your golf bags will be stored at Oitavos Dunes Clubhouse after every round of golf, and can be collected every morning before play. Please note that WCGC will not be held liable for your bags.

golf informationnDress Code
From a TV point of view, we ask that each team coordinate and bring the same colour trousers for the competition days. Shorts or ¾ length trousers are NOT permitted during the competition rounds.

All competitors should be provided with Team Uniforms by their National Event for the World Final (with the WCGC National Logo, Road to Cascais Logo and local media partners/sponsors logos). These must be worn for TV purposes during the competition rounds and also for organised photo calls.

golf_information_05Golf Shoes
Metal spikes are NOT permitted at Oitavos Dunes. Competitors/Guests should have their spikes changed to ‘soft spikes’ in advance.

golf_information_07Practice Facilities
All Competitors/Guests will have complimentary use of the practice facilities at Oitavos Dunes throughout their stay. Practice range balls are provided free of charge for competitors/guests.

Competitors will be allowed trolleys for the practice round (4th July) and official competition rounds (5th & 6th July).
Guests, Sponsors and Licensees who are taking part the Sport Legends Cup will be allowed to use trolleys or buggies.
Push trolleys will be provided, free of charge, subject to availability.

golf_information_09Tee Times

Tee Times for the Practice Day will be on display on the event notice board in The Oitavos hotel on the 3rd July. Tee times for the first World Final competition round will be drawn at the Welcome Reception (Wednesday 3rd July).

These will be displayed on the event notice board at The Oitavos hotel by the morning of 4th July. Teams will play in reverse order on the final competition round, taking into consideration the first round scores. Lowest stableford points score will tee off first and so on.

Tee Times for the final competition round will be displayed on the event notice board at The Oitavos hotel on afternoon/evening of 5th July.


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the oitavos


06:00 AM – 8:00 PM Competitors, Guests, Licensees & Sponsors arrive.
Transfers from Lisbon Airport to The Oitavos.
Check-In at WCGC Desk, The Oitavos Hotel & Quinta da Marinha Desk.
08:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Party / Official Team Draw – Oitavos Terrace.


10:00 AM Official Team Photos.
10:36 AM Practice Round for Competitors.
11:00 AM Licensees Conference.
08:00 PM Captain´s Night – Sports Legends Cup Players – Verbasco Clubhouse. Free night for Competitors & Guests.


08:00 AM Day 1 Official Competition Day (World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final) – Tee 1 Oitavos Dunes.
11:30 AM Day 1 Sport Legends Cup – Tee 1 Oitavos Dunes.
11:30 AM Day 1 Sport Legends Cup – Tee 1 Quinta da Marinha.
07:00 PM Jeremy Dale Trick Shot Show – Oitavos Dunes Driving Range.
Free night for Competitors & Guests.


08:00 AM Day 2 Official Competition Day (World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final) – Tee 1 Oitavos Dunes.
11:00 AM Day 2 Sport Legends Cup – Tee 1 Oitavos Dunes.
11:00 AM Day 2 Sport Legends Cup – Tee 1 Quinta da Marinha.
11:30 AM Jeremy Dale Trick Shot Show – Oitavos Dunes Driving Range.
09:00 PM Welcome Drinks Reception.
09:30 PM Black Tie Prize Giving Gala Dinner at Casino Estoril.


AM/PM Check-out & Depart.
Transfers to Lisbon Airport from The Oitavos Hotel.

NOTE: This is a provisional itinerary/schedule of events and timings are subject to change.
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the oitavos

1 The qualifying teams from each country will compete in the World Final.

2 The World Final will comprise of two 18 Hole Stableford Nett rounds on Oitavos Dunes golf course, with players playing off 3/4 of their official club handicaps (maximum 24 for men, 30 for ladies). Players with higher handicaps will play with the maximum handicap allowed.

3 Each round will be decided by taking the aggregate total of the Stableford Nett scores of the team. The final score of the team will be the total sum of points of both players over the two days. In the case of a tie, there will be a sudden death play-off, as set out in point 6.

4 Only in exceptional circumstances can a change to the team that qualified be made, subject to approval by the Organisers.

5 Teams not at the 1st tee at the given start time or within 5 minutes of their starting time, will be given a two stroke team penalty on the score of the day. Teams who are late more than 5 minutes of their start time will be disqualified from the competition. Teams must be at the 1st tee at least 15 minutes prior to their start time.

6 In the event of a tie, or ties, the World Champions will be decided by a sudden death play-off. Played at the 18th hole, the stableford scores of both players will be added together, the team with the highest stableford nett score for the hole being deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, the teams will continue playing on the same basis until a winner is found. The team playing first will be decided by a toss of a coin, in the event of three or more teams teeing, lots will be drawn.

7 If by any reason it is not possible to play the play off, the winning team will be the team with best scores on the last 9, 6, and 3 holes of the competition.

8 The countries who play together in the first day of competition will not be paired together in the final day.

9 In the event of any dispute or on-course ruling the decision of the Organisation is final.

10 Electric buggies are not permissible during the practice round and two rounds of the World Final. Only in the case of a legitimate medical reason, with supporting documentation, will this be allowed. Push trolleys will be issued to all finalists.

11 All players must wear, during the official tournament rounds, Team Uniforms provided by their National Event, which must include the World Corporate Golf Challenge Logo and Road to Cascais Logo. Each team, for TV purposes, must also wear colour co-ordinated trousers. Shorts or ¾ trousers are not permitted.

12 The Organisers reserve the right to change details described in the event literature, and cannot be held responsible for any liability caused by inclement weather.

13 Any individual or team not conducting themselves in a manner deemed suitable by the Event Organisers (WCGC S.L) or the Official Destination/Venues will be disqualified from the World Final and asked to vacate the accommodation provided by the Organisation.

[restab title=»Sports Legends Cup»]

This year’s Sports Legends Tournament will take place at the OITAVOS DUNES GOLF COURSE and QUINTA DA MARINHA on the 5th and 6th July.

Invitational event played in a Ryder Cup format with four teams (20/25 players) captained by sports legends. Sportsmen, VIP business guests and representatives from media worldwide will participate in this tournament parallel to the World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final, the biggest corporate golf event in the world.

2013 saw the successful introduction of the concept, the now annual Sports Legends Cup. Over the years, teams have been captained by Ryder Cup Legends including Tony Jacklin CBE, Manuel Piñero, Ronan Rafferty and Eddie Polland; and Portuguese national football team goalkeeper Ricardo Pereira.

Teams will compete in order to raise funds for Scholas Foundation.



PM Captain’s Night (Welcome Cocktail & Teams Draw)


AM Team Photos
AM Day 1 Sport Legends Cup – Tee 1 Oitavos Dunes & Quinta da Marinha
PM Free Night


AM Jeremy Dale Trick Shot Show – Oitavos Dunes Driving Range
AM Day 2 Sport Legends Cup – Tee 1 Oitavos & Quinta da Marinha
PM Black Tie Prize Giving Gala Dinner at Casino Estoril

NOTE: A Shuttle Service will be in operation between hotels and Quinta da Marinha. Check in will take place at The WCGC’s Hospitality Area at Oitavos Dunes each day. Players will be shuttled to the 1st Tee at Quinta da Marinha. On completion of your round you will be shuttled back to your hotel.