2023 World Final

friday, june 20, 2014 12:25

The World Corporate Golf Challenge are delighted to announce that Bayswater London Dry Gin and Indi&Co Tonic will be Official Products at this year’s World Final in Sotogrande, Spain from the 1st – 6th July.

foto inicial licor | World Corporate Golf Challenge

BAYSWATER Gin is named after the famous London district. It´s one of the few Gin´s produced in an artisanal way in London. The unique style and the premium packaging, has made BAYSWATER one of the favourite Gin brands for connoisseurs in Spain. Bayswater is distilled 5 independent times in our hand crafted pott still and always produced in small batches. Bayswater is an ideal Gin to make world beating Gin & Tonic, at the same time being an excellent constituent in cocktails.

INDI&co Botanical Tonic Water is elaborated in an artisanal way, out of totally natural ingredients. During several weeks all botanicals macerate in cold water and alcohol followed by a distillation process at low temperatures achieving a slow and fine process were the maximum of flavours and aromas are extracted. INDI&co Botanical Tonic water is a totally natural product and is lovely to be enjoyed on its own and makes the perfect Gin & Tonic. Competitors, License Holders, Sponsors and Guests will have the chance taste Bayswater London Dry Gin and Indi Tonic throughout the week on the golf course and at the WCGC Black Tie Prize Giving Gala Dinner where they will be a ‘BAYSWATER & INDI Gin & Tonic Drinks Reception’.

Maribel Peñascal said, “Bayswater and INDI are delighted to participate in one of the most prestigious international events in the world. Working together with the organizers to bring you a high quality project, our goal is to create a memorable experience and an optimistic, fun toast to the future”

Harry Lloyd, WCGC Event Director commented, “Both Bayswater and Indi are fantastic drinks and the world final will provide the ideal platform for them to showcase both products. When the competitors and guests have finished their rounds of golf, they will enjoy nothing more than a Gin & Tonic. I have had the pleasure of trying both products and I can safely say that win or lose, Bayswater and Indi will put a smile on everyone’s faces throughout the week.”