2023 World Final

Shane O’Donoghue takes a look at the business side of golf. CNN Living Golf travels to Cascais for the World Corporate Golf Challenge Final, the biggest golf corporate event on the calendar.

This month, Living Golf focuses on the business side of the game. In golf, big businesses spend money to be linked to star players and stand out tournaments.

The programme travels to Cascais just outside Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon for the World Corporate Golf Challenge Final, one of the most prestigious corporate events on the calendar. At the tournament, O’Donoghue speaks to competitors and organisers to find out more about why the worlds of golf and business blend so well.

CNN Living Golf is a monthly half-hour magazine show hosted from some of the world’s top golf courses. It differs from other golf programmes in that it examines the business, environmental and travel aspects to the sport, along with interviewing the game’s stars and discussing the big tournaments.

WCGC will be back in Cascais from 3rd to 7th July 2019.