2023 World Final

Golf & BusinessIt is with great excitement that the World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) announced today that Golf & Business will take the WCGC license in Argentina, Chile, Panama and Uruguay, running multiple events throughout the 2014/15 season, culminating at the 2015 World Final in Cascais.

Golf & Business is a merger of our experience in Corporate Events and Premium Brands on the Costa del Sol and the Southern Cone, and our passion for golf and its environment. Our consolidated experience and desire for growth make us lead the project to establish and consolidate the growth of WCGC in the region and from there to the rest of Latin America. We take the challenge with enthusiasm and excitement, knowing the potential of the region and the increasing development of golf in the whole area of influence.

Golf & Business’s Marcelo Cabrera said, “We are delighted to be joining the WCGC family. Our company and brand name is a combination of our favourite sport and our business of expanding our network of corporate contacts. The WCGC and Golf & Business have obvious synergies and we look forward to growing together internationally”.

Harry Lloyd, Event Director at the WCGC said. “ This is another great example of the WCGC going from strength to strength. To sign not one but four new license agreements is a great achievement. We are truly excited about the WCGC taking place within these Latin American countries, and wish Marcelo and Golf & Business the best of luck for the coming season and future”.