2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

One of the most concerning issues for any golf player is how to improve our swing. To improve this part of our game, possibly the most important one, we must practice developing our skills. Erroneously, we think that we must be in the course to practice.

How to practice our Swing

However, there are some simple exercises that we can do anywhere. By exercising the most common mistakes, we will be able to improve very quickly. Let us show you some of them:

  1. Stability exercise:

Stability is essential in our swing, and it can make the difference between a wild swing or a perfect one. So, to improve it, we can do a straightforward exercise by making rotations of the upper and lower part of the trunk independently. With this simple exercise, we will learn how to fix the legs, making our swing much more stable.

  1. Fluidity exercise:

Another crucial skill that we must practice is fluently at our swing. To exercise it, we have to practice our hip rotation. It may be seen as a not too important practice, but we must realize that the power of our swing depends on the speed rather than the force, as we mistakenly believe. To improve our technique, we can practice the following exercise. Grab a club or a broom at their ends, belt buckle. Rotates to the right imitating the upward movement of the swing, reaching our limit, and trying to gain a few more centimetres of turn. Finally, we start the unwind, passing through the impact area and imitating the end of the swing. We should do ten repetitions, trying to pace and balance the two turns in one fluid movement, faster at every repetition, and without losing the stability.

  1. Corrects posture exercise:

If we want to reduce uncontrolled shots, we must have a correct posture at our swing. It is a crucial skill to improve because, without this control, we will not play with continuity and consistency. We can do a straightforward exercise. We have to position ourselves 10 cm away from the wall. We must place our hands as if we were holding the golf club and simulate our swing backwards as we would want to win power at the swing. We have to practice this exercise until we stop touching the wall. It may be seen as easy, but I can assure you that it will be not well done the first time.

As we all know, this game that we all love is very technical and, if we want to improve, we must practice a lot. We have to realize that golf is a game in which we have to be very prepared before playing at the course. That is why the exercises that we propose to you will help you develop your skills, correcting all the mistakes that we may commit. These simples and fast movements will allow us to practice anywhere.