2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

Foto: Octávio Passos

The hybrid golf club is a mix of both types of classic clubs, irons and woods. One of the best qualities of this club comes from the simpler swing that we will perform, like the Iron swing, but with the benefit of control and distance that we could have with a Wood club.

hybrid golf club

The hybrid club started to be known when some of the most important Golf players, as Sergio García or Ernie Els, started to play with them in the early 2000s. At the fascination of the Golf environment about this type of clubs and its facilities for the amateur players, the use of these golf clubs soon became widespread.

As many Golf experts remind us, unlike the long irons, this substitute will help us to get the ball up with more skill and thus be able to stop it on the green more easily. We must know that the Hybrid club has less collar than the Iron club, making it easier to swing on difficult grounds as the raft or bunker. The design characteristics of this kind of club will do that the face of it will pass softly and we will have more control making sure it will not jam at these difficult grounds.

This club is perfect for many types of players, amateurs and professionals, especially useful for senior and started players. In the case of the senior players, they can supply the bigger distance that younger players can reach the ball with an Iron club by using the Hybrid club that, as we said earlier, can give us more power. Also, it will be handy for started players, having easier handling due to shorter length.