2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

We are delighted to announce that the beverage company Ginbow Fine Spirits and the World Corporate Golf Challenge have agreed for Neighbours 11 Premium Gin be the official Gin at the 2021 WCGC Finals hosted in Cascais.

Neighbours 11 Premium Gin has been recognized at the London Spirits Competition 2021 with the Silver Medal, been distinguished for its high quality as one of the best London Dry Gins in the World.

Raquel Silva, WCGC Event Manager, has declared that “It is a great opportunity for the participants and guests of the World Final to enjoy a premium product like Neighbours11, a unique gin in the world, made in Portugal”.

Neighbours Premium Gin uses botanicals grown in-house, giving them significant control of the quality from the origin of those aromas to the bottling process. The attention is given to the plants’ vegetative growth, and development also reflects the aroma quality. Aromatic plants with healthy growth and without chemicals return us a magnificent scent of post-harvest directly embedded in our distillation process.

Neighbours11, born for the pleasure of enjoying the small delights of life

In the words of Rui Alves, The Master Distiller: “Ginbow Fine Spirits is a project that was born, primarily, for the pleasure of enjoying the small delights of life. And what could be better than sharing moments while savouring a well-prepared drink? The Ginbow Fine Spirits project seeks to fulfil that need for sharing, increasingly challenging to conciliate with the demands of modern life.

We are immensely proud of being partners of WCGC for the 2021 World Final, and we are sure that all guests will spend a great time enjoying a glass of Neighbours 11!”