2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

Following its national positioning strategy, ONI, telecommunications operator is focused on the business world and will sponsor the one who is considered the biggest tournament of amateur golf for companies in the world, the World Corporate Golf Challenge.

ONI WCGC PortugalIn this context ONI will be naming sponsor of the 18th edition of World Corporate Golf Challenge Portugal (WCGC), whose presentation is already on 02 February in Montes Claros – Lisbon Secret Spot in Monsanto.

WCGC is the golf tournament for companies with greater recognition worldwide, and with the participation of top managers around the world who share between them the passion for golf.

«This was the main factor that led to ONI to be associated with this great world event: the fact that large corporate decision makers meet together around the Golf to not only take advantage of this sport, how to harness it as an excellent vehicle business communication » said Nuno Saraiva, Chief Sales Officer of ONI.

It is recalled that the World Corporate Golf Challenge was born in the UK in 1993, in association with The Times, with the objective of providing companies with a tool that would help enhance and develop its relations internally (Incentives, Communication internal, Training, Human Resources, etc.) and external (customers, suppliers, Corporate Communications, etc.), through golf.

In 1996 the competition went international and in 1998 reached Portugal. The global event brought together seven countries in 1997 and since then the World Corporate Golf Challenge has continued to grow. Tournaments are held on five continents, and with the participation of more than forty-five countries that will be represented at the World Final in Cascais, Portugal, in June 2017.

For 2017 the forecast represented companies is 300, for a total of more than 700 players and 8 tournaments, held in the North, Centre, Lisbon and South.

The competition is divided in 3 stages:

Regional Stage (North, Center, Lisbon and South), National Finals and World Final.

. 2 Tournaments on North
. 2 Tournaments on South
. 3 Tournaments on Lisbon
. 1 Tournament on Center
. National Finals at Salgados Golf, Algarve
. World Final to be held in Cascais, Portugal