2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

Quinta do Cotto, a Portuguese wine produced from Champalimaud family, is one of the best and most traditional producers in the Douro region. They will be present during the 2018 World Corporate Golf Challenge World Finals as Official Wine in Cascais, Portugal.


This red wine is produced almost every year from vineyards with 10 years or more, predominantly from the varieties Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Francesa.

Quinta do Côtto is a very refined wine with an intense aroma of wild berries, offering a complex and balanced structure, with a distinctive but smooth presence of tannins. As a young wine it’s quite pleasant to drink, but can also age on the bottle for long years due to its complex and balanced structure.

Miguel Champalimaud took charge of the wine production at Quinta do Côtto in 1976, and under his management the Quinta Wine concept was established over the last 30 years to the point where it is now central to Portuguese enology and winemaking.

During this time, and in light of the increasing quality of Quinta Wines, there has been a gradual growth in market and reputation of these wines throughout Europe. This evolution was possible due to the reinforcement of the Quinta Wine concept which has always been led by Quinta do Côtto.