2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

As Kleya is a Buyer agent, we created the Real Estate Survey in order for our clients to make the best-informed decisions before purchasing a property in Portugal.

In this survey, we inspect the state of the property and include a final report with all the positive points, defects found, and improvements to be foreseen. This survey is done in extreme detail and will support the client in making a decision and in negotiating the price of the property.

One of our most recent property surveys was conducted for a client who wanted to know if it was a good deal and exactly in which state the property was in terms of usage. The property was located in Lisbon; Kleya inspected the common parts of the building  to see if the maintenance was being done correctly, for example, checking if the elevators were inspected in due time if the building was clean and in good condition. Then we inspected the apartment, checking the general condition first and then in a more detailed manner.

We analysed the quality of the doors and windows, the condition of the electric systems (such as electric windows and air conditioning)  and appliances, quality of the floor, the state and energy efficiency of the heating system for both water and central heating, quality and level security of the entrance door, state of the electrical installation, checked if there were any infiltration problems or any other marks that may indicate humidity problems, acoustic insulation level, solar orientation and thermal insulation level, phonic insulation level, and any kind of problem that may exist or may arise in the near future.

Find more at: Before making a Real Estate purchase in Portugal, conduct a House Survey with Kleya!