2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

Remax Golden Mile, new Official Sponsor of WCGC

World Corporate Golf Challenge has confirmed its agreement with Remax Golden Mile as the new Official Sponsor of the WCGC World Final.
Remax Golden Mile - WCGC Partner

World Corporate Golf Challenge has confirmed its agreement with Remax Golden Mile as the new Official Sponsor of the WCGC World Final to be held in Tenerife from 17-21 October 2022. 

REMAX is the world’s leading international network of real estate franchises. A success and leadership that is marked mainly by the application of its exclusive work system, through which both the associates and the clients themselves acquire the greatest benefits of the real estate market.

Remax Golden Mile - WCGC Partner

Remax Golden Mile, the most trusted brokerage agency in Arona, Tenerife 

Since the very beginning, Remax Golden Mile had the aim to bring quality services around the real estate world. Selling properties instead of building and/or renovating them, has always been its main objective.  

From 2010, Remax Golden Mile will be based in Tenerife, the place where the actual investing phase will start. Over time, its team has consolidated new skills in acquiring properties through different channels, such as judicial auctions, banks or individuals; everything with the aim of being able to restructure and resell them.  

Over the past five years, Remax Golden Mile has continued to grow in every way. Its team has reached unimaginable goals, positioning itself among the agencies with the highest turnover in the whole island of Tenerife and beyond. 

They keep helping hundreds of people to market their properties safely and with clear and professional procedures. One of its greatest achievements is being able to manage its clients’ properties exclusively, demonstrating to them that properties sell faster and at a higher price thanks to the provision of quality service and personal attention. 

And last but not least, Remax Golden Mile has trained and grown dozens of professionals as real estate agents, being able to count nowadays on the most productive agents in Tenerife. Relax Golden Mile project is constantly evolving, they work to improve what has already been done. They are committed to finding the best solutions and strategies for their real estate agents, making sure they can offer their clients the best real estate experience there can be. 

Remax Golden Mile, their mission 

At Remax Golden Mile, they work to provide the best real estate experience for their clients. Thanks to all the years of presence in the market they have realised that, in addition to the sale and rental of properties, their clients in many occasions needed assistance in carrying out related activities, such as the settlement of notary fees, tax settlements and opportunities to improve the property with specific renovations.

In the Remax Golden Mile family, every person counts! They believe in teamwork, and they know that a united society can quickly achieve its own progress and wellbeing. That is the reason why they continuously collaborate with associations and non-profit organisations that work hard to improve the living conditions of those who need it most.

Remax Golden Mile - WCGC Partner