2023 World Final

Waking up on the morning of the event, the weather did not look promising with persistent rain and dark clouds overhead. However, this did not deter our avid golfers on their quest to reach the WCGC World Final in Portugal, with all of them arriving at the course in good time. Their enthusiasm paid off with the storm clouds clearing soon before tee off, creating an almost perfect golfing day with only a hint of a breeze at Thai Country Club.

MG 7615 | World Corporate Golf Challenge

With a larger field than Qualifier 1 at Banyan Golf Club, three teams from Qualifier 2 would proceed to the Thailand Final at Banyan Golf Club on the 27th May. The three companies who progressed to the WCGC Thailand final were, Pace Development CorporationPlc. (PACE), Pattamaphol Co.,Ltd and Otzki Limited.

Mr. Chayanin Ratanakanok who was representing PACE in this golf event said ‘Myself and my teammate are delighted to qualify for the WCGC Thailand Final; when we woke up this morning and saw the weather we didn’t even think we would get the opportunity to play today!’ Mr. Chayanin went on to say ‘We would also like to thank Thai Country Club and Fore Management Group, who despite the early weather conditions ran a seamless and successful event with the golf course in excellent condition.’

There are still three remaining qualifying events left to win your chance to reach the WCGC Thailand Final.
Friday 21st April at Laguna Golf (Phuket)
Friday 28th April at Parichat International Golf Links (Pattaya)
Monday 15th May at Thai Country Club (Bangkok)