2023 World Final

On October 23, with the last putt of the team Yuzhou Wine on the 18th hole, the World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) China Launch Ceremony came to a successful end. Ultimately, team Yuzhou Wine won the WCGC China Launch with an aggregate score of 170. Runners-up and third place was respectively won by team Liuzhou Sugar with a total score of 166 and team Mingsheng Machinery with a total score of 160.

BFA International Convention Center Golf Club, as an official partner of the WCGC China tournament, has witnessed many important moments of international cooperation. And the WCGC China Launch Ceremony has just added a splendid color to the BFA. The official of BFA indicated that every year Boao Forum for Asia has been of global concern and it is the first time that such a high-level golf tournament has ever been held here. They are very honored that Boao was chosen as the starting point for the WCGC China and believe that the launch event will definitely leave a deep impression for all the participating Chinese entrepreneurs.


When all the evening lights were lit, WCGC China Ceremony ushered a grand awards dinner after the competition rounds. All the entrepreneurs attending the event were welcomed with the local bamboo dance by the local people. At that moment, it was filled with lovely music and laughter, driving away the tension and fatigue caused in the event. Everyone was just enjoying the pleasure in an easy and comfortable atmosphere.

At the Awards Dinner, Chairman of the China Organizing Committee, Mr. Qian Yongsheng presented memorial gifts to all the partners of the World Corporate Golf Challenge China Launch Ceremony including Vifa Siemens, Tenne Top Cupboards, Yan Palace, Daoke Laptop and other corporate representatives, to thank them for their support for the event. We sincerely hope to have closer cooperation with all the partners and work together to create a more valuable stage for the Chinese enterprises. Subsequently, the general manager of Yan Palace also presented every corporate representative with natural nutrition of a value of 238 RMB for on-site tasting!

WCGC China Organizing Committee set up many prizes that were awarded, such as “Sincere Cooperation Enterprise Award”, “Most Promising Award”, “the Most Charismatic Award” and “the Most visionary Enterprise Award” and several major special awards to form a unique style and concept for the event. Participating entrepreneurs were all trying to win the honour for their company with a higher score.

While we all thought that it was the time to unveil the championship awards, the China organizing committee – DE SPORTS announced that the long-prepared “Corporate Golf ‘U +’ Program” was launched! President of DE SPORTS, Mr. Qian Yongsheng made a brief introduction of this program which is aimed at integrating all the social resources to further promote China Junior Golf Development. In this program, junior golf talents will be preferably selected to do some professional golf training through the investments from other enterprises. When the trained teenagers succeed in their golf career in their age, they would be capable enough to repay the society. And this is how the program works.

In the climax of the Awards Dinner, a value of 3.8 million grand prize was unveiled! The champion of the launch event was honoured to become an official partner of 2016 WCGC China. Finally, it was confirmed that Team Yuzhou Wine had won the first title of WCGC China. Therefore, Yuzhou Wine is going to enjoy all the rights and benefits of the partnership with WCGC China in all WCGC related events in 2016.

This grand WCGC China Launch Ceremony has opened the door to our cooperation with a number of famous institutions, associations and sponsors. In the coming years, there will be more wonderful events later to be held nationwide for the winning team to qualify for!

Bringing the world of business together! Let’s join hands together to achieve a greater success in the future!