2023 World Final

Vasco Silva is the founder of Kleya, a one-stop shop that delivers independent advisory, offering integrated solutions tailored to the wide-ranging needs of retirees, investors, expatriates, relocated workers, entrepreneurs and students, among others, that wish to live in Portugal.

How did Kleya begin?

VS: Kleya Premium Living was developed in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, who themselves had the experience of settling in different countries and learnt first-hand how difficult and risky it can be to do things by yourself in an unfamiliar country and economy. It was designed as a boutique targeted at High net worthy individuals who wished to live and invest in Portugal.

In 2017, Kleya began its internationalization process and was able to establish strong partnerships with fiscal consultants and esteemed law firms. It was in 2018 that Kleya caught ageas’ attention and became its shareholder. This institutional partnership allowed Kleya to broaden its offer and expand its services to a mass affluent segment whilst maintaining its tailor-made services for HNW clients.

What type of services does Kleya render?

VS: Kleya has a variety of services that fit all its clients’ needs, from a more bespoke approach to standalone services to standard plans to a digital platform that allows our clients to request services from the comfort of their home – Kleya has all the solutions you may need to live and invest in Portugal!

Our services are organised into four main categories: PROPERTY, RELOCATION, RESIDENCY PLANNING AND CONSULTING. From finding a home to buy or rent, discovery trips concierge services, moving management, opening bank accounts, hobby licenses, investment opportunities, consulting, personal assistants to tailor-made proposals – Kleya only wishes for your move and/or investment to be a success in Portugal!

What does Portugal have to offer to those who wish to live and invest in the country?
VS: Portugal offers foreigners a grand range of various opportunities, whether you’re looking to create a home in Portugal, work from Portugal, spend your Golden days here or even set or open your business.

Here, people from all walks of life have the chance to build, rebuild and not only dream but dare to create. The best part? The Portuguese welcome these newcomers not only with friendly smiles but also with special Tax Regimes and Residency Visas.

Portugal is a safe and stable country with an excellent and affordable quality of life, good healthcare and education, well-connected airports, infrastructures great telecommunication quality and of course, the best climate in Europe.


Kleya will be present during the 2021 WCGC World Final in Cascais