2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013 22:00:00

From November 28 to 1st December 2012, WCGC’s Ambassador Jeremy Dale, was guest of honor at the Professional Golf Tour of India’s (PGTI) Tour Championship at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. The flagship golf event of the Indian Tour was treated to Jeremy’s world-class golf trick-shot show which impressed all in attendance.

Sponsored by McLeod Russel, one of the largest tea producers in the world and also World Finalists at the 2012 WCGC World Final, the Tour Championship was attended by the top 58 golf professionals in the order of merit, who were all vying for 1.25 Million Rupees of prize money.

The event was won by two time winner on the European Tour and local boy SSP Chowrasia. Quite fittingly he had grown up in the shanty town on the grounds of Royal Calcutta.

Aditja Khaitan, Managing Director and Lakshman Singh, Senior General Manager at McLeod Russel were the lucky winners of the WCGC in India and went on to represent McLeod Russel at the 2012 WCGC World Final in South Africa. Demonstrating that business and golf are still very much a match made in heaven, the tag line of the World Corporate Golf Challenge ‘bringing the world of business together’ is exactly what happened. Both Aditja and Lakshman enjoyed the Jeremy Dale trick show so much, they asked Jeremy to appear at the PGTI’s Tour Championship in India later in the year.

As the most important event in the calendar of the PGTI drew to a close the players, sponsors and invited guests were left mesmerized by Jeremy’s extraordinary trick shot golf skills. Little did they know that that Jeremy’s attendance at the event was all down the World Corporate Golf Challenge!