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A press conference for the 2024 Luzhou Laojiao · Guojiao 1573 WCGC World Finals announcement was held in Beijing recently. Mr Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Sales Co., Ltd, Mr Qian Yongsheng, Chairman of WCGC China, Mr Wu Quanwei,Vice Chairman of WCGC China.

About a hundred players of WCGC China and media representatives have come to witness the signing ceremony of the title sponsor of 2024 WCGC World Finals Luzhou Laojiao · Guojiao 1573, by Mr Zhang Liang, General Manager of Guojiao 1573, and the World Corporate Golf Challenge, by Mr Jose Guerra,the Chairman of WCGC.

The press conference announced the prestigious golf event will be held in Haikou, China in October later this year then followed by the opening ceremony of the WCGC China 2024 event. The tournament kicked off at Beijing Hongxi Golf Club.

WCGC World Finals debut in China together with 700 years of strong aroma

Guojiao 1573 and WCGC China events formed a connection at the Bird’s Nest (Beijing National Stadium) and visited Johor Bahru, Los Angeles and Toronto in the past few years. “Guojiao 1573” WCGC Chinese Team took part in the WCGC World Finals five times and won 3 championship titles, 1 runner-up and 2 third-place.

WCGC China 2024

This year marks the 700th anniversary of the creation of Luzhou Laojiao traditional Chinese strong-aroma liquor brewing techniques, and also is the 40th year of the development of golf in China. With the full supports and efforts of Guojiao 1573 and the WCGC China Organizing Committee, WCGC World Finals will be held in China for the first time.

Entrepreneurs and business golf lovers from more than 40 countries and regions on the five continents will gather in Haikou and enjoy the fun and excitement of playing golf and build new friendships and networks in a wonderful atmosphere during the World Finals week.

Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Sales Co., Ltd.,says: “The modern lifestyle, healthy and organic concepts advocated by Guojiao 1573 are highly in consistent with the sunny, healthy and elegant characteristics of golf.

With the introduction of WCGC World Finals to China, Guojiao 1573 will establish a larger competition platform, allowing entrepreneurs and businessperson around the world to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture, understand Chinese liquor culture, and let the world savor China through this event.”

At the press conference, Zhang Liang, general manager of Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao Liquor Sales Co., Ltd., says: “Top players and entrepreneurial players from all over the world will gather in Hainan during the 2024 WCGC World Finals.

This is the first time that China become the host of this event, we will take the opportunity to promote China’s achievements, demonstrate China’s confidence and show the competencies of Chinese entrepreneurs. Guojiao 1573 will fully support the event organizing committee and provide a high-level international World Final event not only reflecting China’s efficiency but also exhibit Chinese unique cultural characteristics.”

WCGC Chairman Jose Guerra expressed his emphasis on the Chinese market and his expectations for this event. He says: “With all the supports and efforts of Luzhoulaojiao·Guojiao1573, we are bringing the WCGC World Finals from Europe to the great country in the East, China.

As the world’s second largest economy and a land of opportunities with very active business opportunities, WCGC World Finals could become a showcase for brand displays of outstanding Chinese enterprises and voices to the world. I believe the WCGC World Finals will leave a lasting impression and unforgettable memories for our friends from all over the world.”

In order to commemorate the major breakthrough in the event and the long-lasting friendship between the two parties, seven guests were invited to sealed the Guojiao 1573 Dragon Altar. These Dragon Altar with Guojiao liquor symbolize the friendship will be passed down for 700 years. The precious liquor will be opened and shared with world entrepreneurial players during the 2024WCGC World Finals and toast to glory.

Chase the Crown of Kings8 years of glories is on the way

2024 WCGC China returned to the first golf courses where the first WCGC China event was held in 2017. In the past seven years, the events were accumulated in more than 180 cities with over 15,000 participants.The WCGC China represents a healthy and quality lifestyle, a great business networking platform, and also forms a bridge for Chinese entrepreneurs to enter a world stage and win glory for the country.

On May 9, around one hundred players gathered in Beijing Hongxi Golf Course for the opening of WCGC China new season. Bi Yuance, Yang Changhai and Yang Ying, relied on their extraordinary golf skills and mindsets, qualified for the WCGC China national finals in September.

Preparations for the WCGC China 2024 World Finals

Preparations for the 2024 WCGC World Finals are under progress. Winsen Qian, Chairman of DE Sports/WCGC China, says, “Five months later, the WCGC World Finals will be landed in China for the first time. This is also the first time that a Chinese domestic amateur golf tournament meets a world bespoke golf event.

The language, cultural background, dining habits, lifestyles between different countries and regions will be a brand new challenge for the organizing committee. We have to consider all aspects of event hospitality, receptions, security, medical support, etc. Nevertheless, with full supports of Guojiao 1573 in terms of hospitality staffs, media promotion and resources, and other supports from the host parties, we will surely be able to provide the world an unprecedented golf event with the unique Chinese aroma.”