2023 World Final

Oct 22nd at 8:00 am, saw the first group tee off at #1 hole on the BFA International Convention Center Golf Club, the WCGC China launch event has officially started!

The China launch event, adopting an innovative form of teeing off at #1 hole, began with each participating team setting off in order in the style of a Car Rally departure. Each team was consisted two executives, like a car rally driver and navigator. The two business executives will cooperate with each other during the event to complete two 18-hole rounds with mutual trust. The organizing committee also set up a main leader board for real-time live scoring and live broadcast over the phone to make sure each team could keep abreast of the team results and rankings at any time during the event.


When the first competition day was over, Team Mingsheng Machinery had taken the lead with a score of 82 points, with Team BFA Club, Team Hainan Winterworm & Summerherb and Team Yuzhou Wine all coming very close behind. In an interview with the players, they expressed not only their support for the great first day of the event, but also showed their expectations for a more exciting competition on the second day.

With the end of the first round of the tournament completed, a “Corporate Communication Forum” was held in the BFA International Convention Center. The forum provided a stage for all the entrepreneurs present to make a brief presentation about their companies. This was a wonderful chance for all the entrepreneurs to get to know each other and build mutual understanding and trust. On the stage, the entrepreneurs shared their opinions and managing ideas and then had to randomly pick and  answer questions that were based on business and golf. This kind of corporate communication forum has never been held in any Chinese amateur events before, which made it the biggest highlight of the whole event.

All the participating entrepreneurs have expressed their excitement for being honoured to participate in this event. The competition format and event highlights have given a refreshing experience for all of them. They have learnt from each other by exchanging ideas when playing golf and having further discussions about the connection between business and golf. This is exactly the essence of the World Corporate Golf Challenge – Bringing the world of business together. The event was started 23 years ago in association with The Times and jointly establishment by Time and Fortune Magazine. And the partnership between International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and WCGC provides a full guarantee for the global business cooperation among entrepreneurs and the WCGC’s continued development.

At the launch event, the Chinese entrepreneurs created a whole new interpretation for “GOLF” which is “G” for Global, “O” for Opportunity, “L” for Leadership and “F” for Foresight. Chinese entrepreneurs are starting to enjoy this top international golf tournament specially for businessmen with a new understanding of golf and consider it as the world’s top business platform.