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WCGC World Final 2022

General information

The official WCGC World Final competition will be held at Golf Costa Adeje and the Sports Legends Cup will be played at Abama Golf, two superb courses that illustrate the excellent quality of golf in Tenerife and will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the event.




The following Terms of the Competition, together with any Local Rules published by the Committee, apply to the “WORLD CORPORATE GOLF CHALLENGE 2022 World Final” and played in accordance with the Rules of Golf approved by R&A Rules Limited.


Teams of two players qualified on national World Corporate Golf Challenge competitions. All players must have and present, whenever requested, an updated handicap certificate issued by the Handicap Committee of their home club, recognized by an International Golf Federation.


VENUE AND DATE: Costa Adeje Golf, 19th & 20th October
First tee time, 08.50am, Tee 1.

FORM OF PLAY / NUMBER OF HOLES: Four-Ball Better Ball, 36 holes, Stableford Net
Note: In the form of play “Four-Ball Better Ball” It is a 2-person Best Ball (also known as Four Ball), where each player plays his or her own ball throughout the round and on each hole the higher points count as the team score.

HANDICAP: The team’s playing handicap is ¾ of the team’s course handicap.
The maximum playing course handicap for men is 24 and for ladies is 30.

The WHS handicap considered for the player is the lower of two moments: the one of the first day of the competition and the handicap, WHS or similar, of the respective national final.

The Committee has the right, after analysing the player’s handicap certificate, to change the individual handicap or the team handicap.

Men – yellow tees / Ladies – red tees.

The draw will be announced at: – “World Corporate Golf Challenge.com” dedicated website, – on site at the WCGC Lounge, – on an e-mail sent to all players.

PRIZES: 1st Team, Net score. 2nd Team, Net score. 3rd Team, Net score.


The Scores Recording Area and the official competition board exact location will be at the WCGC desk at Golf Costa Adeje.

At the end of each round at least one of the players from each pair must make his way to the scores recording area to confirm scores, as well as sign the scorecards and report any occurrences.

The team’s scorecard is officially handed to the Committee when the team’s representative leaves the Scores Recording Area with both feet.

The time per round is defined in a specific document delivered with the scorecard. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has this information about the pace of play.

Arriving at the Scores Recording Area 20 minutes after the deadline without a reasonable justification (other than own slow play), implies the subtraction of 2 stableford points. For each period of 10 minutes more, it implies a deduction plus 1 stableford point.

This penalty does not invalidate slow play penalties under the Local Rules.

When it is not possible to score it is recommended that the player pick up the ball.


In the event of a tie, the winning pair will be decided by a sudden death play-off. The Committee will make the decision on what holes to play and the team with more stableford net points will be declared the winner.

Handicap strokes must be applied during play-off holes as they were considered for the competition, using the “stroke index” assignment.

In the event of a tie, the teams will continue playing on the same basis until a winner is found. The team playing first will be decided by lot in a manner stipulated by the Technical Committee. If for any reason there is no possibility of making the play-off, the tie will be resolved in favour of the lowest playing handicap. If the tie persists, it will be based on the average value of the players’ WHS handicaps. If the tie persists, the tie will be in favour of the team with the player with the lowest WHS handicap.

The tiebreakers for second and third places will be done by the same system.


When the results are up on the competition board that means the competitions results are officially announced and the competition is closed.


a. RULES: Those approved by the R&A Rules Limited, the conditions defined on these Terms of the Competition and the Local Rules defined by the Committee.
b. CLUBS AND BALLS: The clubs andballs used must comply with the clubs and balls’ list approved by the R&A and USGA (available online at www.randa.org or www.usga.org).
c. BUGGIES are not allowed both on the practice day and on both World Final competition days. Buggies will only be allowed if an official valid medical certificate is shown. The Organizer will provide pull trolleys for all the players.
d. COMMITTEE AND REFEREES will be appointed in due course by the Organizer.


All players must wear the uniforms given by the WCGC licensee of each country, polos must include the World Corporate Golf Challenge logo and “Road to Tenerife” logo.
Both team members must wear the same trousers’ colour. Shorts are not allowed.


World Corporate Golf Challenge The Organizer’s and Committee’s goal is to complete the competition as defined in these Terms of the Competition. The Committee reserves the right to change these Terms of the Competition at any time. The decision of the Committee is final in all matters.