2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

On October 21, a top international golf tournament with a history of 23 years – the World Corporate Golf Challenge is launched grandly for the first time ever in BFA International Convention Center Golf Club, Hainan, China. This global golf event among enterprises is officially opened in the Greater China. National flags of more than 50 countries and regions are fluttering in the fresh breeze near the sea. The honored guests arrived at the BFA Hotel one after another, including WCGC Event Director Mr. Harry Lloyd, WCGC China Chairman and the President of DE SPORTS, Mr. Qian Yongsheng, General Secretary of WCGC China and the Vice President of DE SPORTS, Mr. Li Gang, event partners, media partners and 30 participating companies, 60 chief executives and general managers from 30 well-known companies in China.

At 6pm, the China Organizing Committee continues the tradition of WCGC with a warm welcome party of western style. The honored guests, media friends and participating senior executives and general managers are all wearing Formal Suit to attend the welcome party with a blue-carpet sign-in and their autograph on the golf balls.


During the welcome party, in addition to the wonderful performance, what is more exciting is about the flag-giving ceremony on the stage when WCGC Event Director Mr. Harry Lloyd presents Winsen Qian (the Chairman of WCGC China) with the event flag and they both present the WCGC China flag on the stage. It signifies that WGCC opens the door to China for the first time ever since it was started in 1993, making it the first world-class corporate golf event in China to provide a whole new communication platform among Chinese entrepreneurs.

The appearance of participating teams is a highlight of the whole welcome party. Each participating team will not only have the chance to get to know the flight information of the groups, but also have a mutual communication among participating executives. On behalf of their companies, entrepreneurs came to the stage to receive exclusive caddy vests, which is a new experience of entrepreneurs in China. All the participating teams will endeavor to win the honor for their companies in the coming launch event.

At the welcome party, everybody just communicated with each other actively in a cheerful atmosphere. While we are all immersed in the food and the wonderful performances, another surprise struck the whole evening! The China Organizing Committee announced several major awards for the opening competition. Firstly, it is two prizes for HOLE-IN-ONE, respectively sponsored by Vifa top cupboard with a value of 200,000 RMB and by TENNE top bathroom accessory with a value of 200,000. The winning team of the launch event will win the prize of being the official partner of 2016 World Golf Challenge in Greater China! And the winner prize will be continued to be an event traditional awards during all the tournaments in China, Which participating companies will finally win this wonderful award? Please follow our later coming reports.

An international referee group was invited to the launch event. Before the event, the referee team has done a lot of work including the space race crossed, yardage measurement, greens speed, trying to create such top international tournament competition atmosphere for each participating team. The event adopted a new Stableford scoring system to calculate the total net score. The referee team makes a specific statement at the welcome reception of the local rules and scoring rules to ensure the fairness and justice of the event!

Tomorrow morning, as the first group starting to play in the event, a new chapter for the World Corporate Golf Challenge China Launch Ceremony will be writing in this opening ceremony of the world’s corporate golf event!