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WCGC World Final 2024

General information

The Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao 1573 WCGC World Final 2024 is set to debut in Haikou, China, from October 28th to November 1st, 2024, showcasing the country’s cultural vibrancy and emerging global significance. The prestigious World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC), established in 1993, annually attracts top-tier enterprises and corporate golf players worldwide. Hainan’s tropical landscape, featuring the renowned Blackstone course at Haikou Mission Hills Golf Club, promises participants a unique and challenging experience.

This historic event is co-organized by the World Corporate Golf Challenge global committee and the Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports of Haikou City. Luzhou Laojiao·Guojiao 1573, the strategic title sponsor, with its 700-year-old tradition of Chinese liquor brewing, adds a touch of historical significance.

The collaboration between WCGC China events and Luzhou Laojiao·Guojiao 1573 has transformed into a nationally recognized tournament, symbolizing a new era for the World Corporate Golf Challenge, emphasizing collaboration, tradition, and excellence in corporate golf. The event’s global expansion, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, signifies the growing importance of Asia in the corporate golf landscape.