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Abama Golf has proudly secured the privilege of hosting the esteemed 2023 Sports Legends Cup, attracting participants to its stunning course surrounded by breathtaking mountains and the mesmerising Atlantic Ocean. Over two days of intense competition, players will be immersed in the undeniable charm of this picturesque setting.

Beyond its world-class golf course, Abama stands out as a premier tourist resort, offering top-notch hotels, a diverse culinary experience, and professional tennis facilities that even caught the attention of the current world number 1, Carlos Alcaraz. The resort is also home to luxurious villas, providing a haven of sophistication for those seeking refined living.

In an exclusive interview, we spoke to Brendan Breen, Abama Group Sales & Marketing Director, about the significance of hosting a prestigious international tournament like the World Corporate Golf Challenge. This candid conversation sheds light on Abama Golf commitment to excellence, making it a sought-after destination for luxury enthusiasts and avid golfers.

Abama Golf, a luxury resort

Abama Golf is internationally recognised as one of the most exclusive golf destinations. Could you tell us about the philosophy and vision behind this complex?

The original philosophy of our owner was to create a Resort offering luxury tourist and residential properties to serve its guests’ every wish with impeccable service and understated elegance. It is a paradise within a paradise. With 12 months of spring weather with an average year-round temperature of 23ºc and incomparable views of the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby Canary Islands, there’s no better place in the world.

What unique features distinguish Abama Golf Course from other similar destinations? How have you managed to maintain your excellence over time?

As I mentioned, our philosophy was to develop a 5-star resort encompassing hotels, a championship golf course, international tennis facilities and luxury residences from the beginning. The only way to maintain excellence is not to diverge from one’s original philosophy and to ensure that the quality and service of our installations and services are held to a level expected from a luxury resort like ours.

Host Venue of the Sports Legends Cup

The World Corporate Golf Challenge Sports Legends Cup is a highly regarded event and attracts participants from all over the world. What does it mean for Abama Golf to host this particular event?

As you know, we were fortunate to host the event in 2022. Hosting a prestigious event like this benefits both the Abama Resort and the WCGC participants. Participants worldwide play in the event, giving us and the destination of Tenerife enormous exposure. The participants will immensely enjoy playing Abama Golf.

What would you highlight as the main advantage of organising an event of this calibre in your complex?

Organising a prestigious event like this needs the collaboration of all the parties involved to ensure that the event will be memorable for all the participants. We have a dedicated professional team with previous experience organising international golf tournaments, and the WCGC managing team and the Tenerife tourist board support them.

Abama Golf & Resort villas

Luxury Villas – A tourist destination

Apart from golf, Abama Golf also has villas. What kind of additional experiences and services do you offer visitors who want to combine golf with a luxury stay at the resort?

As I mentioned, the Abama Resort offers a complete package to its visitors. Besides the championship golf course, we have various suite hotels, high-quality Michelin star gastronomic restaurants, a Tennis Academy which has hosted both WTA and ATP International tournaments and luxury residences where many of our previous touristic visitors converted to owners at our resort.

The destination of Tenerife itself is a popular tourist attraction. How has Abama Golf contributed to promoting Tenerife as a world-class golf destination?

Abama Golf is one of 7 championship courses on the island of Tenerife which have all been designed by internationally known architects, and each has a different and unique style. We are fortunate here at Abama Golf that Dave Thomas created what he considered to be the “Augusta” of Europe, and in addition, our golfers have views of the Atlantic Ocean from all 18 holes on the course.

Sustainability and environmental conservation are important issues today. What initiatives has Abama Golf taken to ensure the preservation of the natural environment in which it is located?

Sustainability is part of our philosophy here at Abama Golf and always has been. We have earned the ISO-14001 and EMAS certificates for our course each year since 2017. We are trying to reduce our dependency on fertilisers by producing natural products and only using desalinated water for the course.