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Air Europa Official Airline 2023 WCGC

The promotion, valid for purchases from today until 17 September, allows to fly at the best prices to Spain, Europe and America until mid-March.

Air Europa is back with its Time To Fly campaign. Under the slogan “Te pongas como te pongas” (“Whatever you Do”), the airline is releasing a new promotion to bring closer the pleasure of flying at unbeatable prices.

The offer, valid for purchases from today until 17 September and flights until 14 March 2024, allows passengers to enjoy the best in-flight experience from 25 euros per leg on domestic flights, and from 29 euros to all European destinations where the airline operates regularly.

Crossing the Atlantic aboard Dreamliners, one of the most modern and efficient fleets in the industry, is also available to passengers who can fly to Miami and New York from 185 euros each way, or discover the Caribbean, Central, and South America from 283 euros per leg.

Time To Fly is available for return flights departing from Adoldo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, and also includes flights between the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland, departing from the archipelago, from 11 euros, as well as flights between the Canary Islands and the mainland from 16 euros each way. In both cases, with resident discount included.

For full details of the conditions for this new campaign, please visit the airline’s website: https://www.aireuropa.com.