2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

We have the pleasure to announce that Banana da Madeira will renew their partnership with the World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) as “Official Supplier” of the WCGC World Final & Sports Legends Cup in 2021, which will be held at Cascais, Portugal. This will position their product within an international event where players and business people from more than 30 countries will participate.Raquel Silva, Event Manager of WCGC, said: “It is an honour for us to have the opportunity of introducing to the world an extremely high-quality national product like Banana da Madeira as Official Supplier of WCGC. Its quality is beyond any doubt, and we are proud to be able to count on its presence at the World Final”.

For Artur Lima, Gesba’s manager, “the presence of Banana da Madeira in the World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final & Sports Legends Cup, a golf tournament for companies with greater recognition worldwide, is significant the positioning of the brand. This promotes the benefits of the consumption of Banana da Madeira, combined with the practice of sports and the development of habits for a healthy life”.

About Banana da Madeira

The banana tree culture is almost entirely located along the south coast of Madeira Island, between sea level and 200 meters of altitude.

The proximity of the sea, the sun exposure, and the mild climate throughout the year, together with the fertility of the soils, the careful selection of the plants and the correct irrigation, allow obtaining the fruit of unique characteristics.

GESBA – Empresa de Gestão do Sector da Banana, Lda, currently receives the production of more than 2900 banana farmers, who are dedicated to the cultivation of the “Banana of Madeira” and has as its primary mission its harvest/collection with the producer, passing through the classification, certification, packaging and preparation for distribution and trade. The Banana da Madeira brand owner, GESBA, is committed to enhancing its value and promoting its consumption and benefits.