2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

The second stage of 2020 World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) took place at the Bom Sucesso Resort, with 32 teams, the maximum possible for that Óbidos infrastructure.

2020 WCGCPortugal-Etapa 2 BomSucesso

Powerhour proved not only to be a power in golf, but also showed how to choose the best time and place to qualify for the National Final with eight other teams.

In 2019, this company that sells and provides assistance to computers, mobile phones and similar products, finished runner-up at the National Final.

“At Palmares, we were 2 points away from qualifying for the World Final. We have been close and we may be able to do it this year”, said João Carvalho, who contributed with 37 net points and 32 gross to the team’s victory, alongside with the Manuel Garcia’s 29 net points and 21 gross, for a total points of 66 net and 53 gross.

2019 national runner-up Powerhour is back in the National Final

Powerhour could have played in another WCGC tournament, but the team wanted to compete as soon as possible, and the inaugural’s event, in the previous week, in the Algarve, was too far.

“We played here because it was the first stage … well the first was in the Algarve, but it was a bit far for us and we knew that the competition there would be very strong, because we know Ricardo Pereira, Rui Coelho, João Paulo Pingo and Rogério Brandão who are great players. This is a course closer to us and we know it well. We came here several times. It is not an easy course, there are several holes in which it is difficult to make the Par, but I am getting to know it better and better, and today it went well”, added João Carvalho.

200215 WCGC SC 007 1000x668 1

In this format of point accumulation, Powerhour considers that there are no great secrets, but the complicity: “We have played together many times since last year and we are used to it. We know each other’s game well, each one plays their own game and there is no stress. Whenever we feel that the partner is a little more discouraged, we give a word of support”. “It is a special event and very well organized», stated João Carvalho, a player with a 5.0 handicap.

200215 WCGC SC 054 1000x668 1

The second ranked team in the net standings was Norma 8 with 64 points, just 2 points from the champions, and with the players Francisco Bello (30 net points) and José Maria Castelo Branco (34).

Regarding the gross standings, the qualification for the National Final was achieved by BarcelBordados, with 47 points, with Maria Celeste Duarte (20) and Rui Martins (27).

For Maria Celeste Duarte it was a special day, as it was her birthday. The promoters presented her with a cake and candles, the rest of the field sang to her “Happy Birthday to you” and she even won the Costa Verde award for the longest ladies’ drive in hole 9. A day she won’t soon forget.

In addition, the following teams also qualified for the National Final, at the Montado Hotel & Golf Resort, on 30th and 31rd of May, through the net standings:

9th place, PHTO, with 53 pints from Paulo Narciso (18) and Sérgio coelho (35);
8th place, Turkish Airlines-2, with 54 points, represented by João Escudeiro (37) and Manuel Luz (17);
7th place, Valsteam-1, 54 points, with Fernando Soares (27) and José Raposo Manuel (27);
6th place, Lifeplus, 54 points, with Hugo Vicente (26) and Nuno Constantino (28);
5th place, Turkish Airlines-3, 56 points, with Daniel Di Pietro (27) and Tiago Martinho (29);
4th place, Portugal Golf Luxury Tourism, 58 points, with Daniel Mendes (31) and David Camelo (27).

The skills awards were again sponsored by three companies. We have already mentioned the Costa Verde prizes which, in addition to Maria Celeste Duarte, also included Jorge Horta for the nearest to the pin on hole 13 and Pedro Nunes Pedro for the longest drive men on hole 9.

200215 WCGC SC 059 1000x668 2

Turkish Airlines, which had sponsored the previous week’s tournament at Palmares, awarded prizes to Maria Lopes for the longest ladies’ drive on hole 4, to João Soares for the longest drive men on hole 4, and to Edgar Batista for the nearest to the pin in hole 3.

Finally, the tournament’s title sponsor, Garofalo, distinguished João Carvalho for the nearest to the pin on hole 5 and Tiago Martinho for the longest drive on hole 6.

200215 WCGC SC 010 1000x668 1

One of the most expected moments is the digital Tombola which has prizes offered by Illy, Garofalo, Audi, Andros/Bonne Maman, Distintus, Mionetto, Details Hotels & Resorts, Uriage, Bom Sucesso Resort and Hertz.

A very special spectator of everything going on was José Guerra, the WCGC Chairman. «I had several work meetings in Portugal, that gave me the chance to stay and see this second competition of WCGC Portugal», he explained.

«I’ve been told that in Palmares it was fantastic with a full field, just like today, and I enjoyed everything I saw, on a sunny day,» he added.

José Guerra considered that the Portuguese license to Golftattoo Eventos in 2020 “was a natural evolution. It was due to the interest that Pedro Castelo Branco expressed in the event since last year and because some people from this organization had previously worked with the project. It was an opportunity that we wanted to grab”.

In 2020 the Portuguese WCGC takes only place in courses that have hosted tournaments on the European Tour or the PGA Portugal. Bom Sucesso Resort, for instance, has a European Tour Destination status. José Guerra was pleased with the proposed selection of courses: “These golf courses are identified in the domestic market as prestigious courses. The players know them, which gives them a sense of security and comfort”.

200215 WCGC SC 033 1000x668 1

In this stage, on the Western region of Portugal, Garofalo decided to make a special tasting of its pasta, from the tradition of the Neapolitan pasta, and the ‘chefs’ of Bom Sucesso Resort, Ricardo Santos and Cristiano Cardoso, presented several dishes.

«It is now the fourth year that we are with the WCGC, both with national stages and supporting the World Final,» said João Potier, the general manager of Mundiarroz, the face of Garofalo in Portugal.

“This was the initial idea, to bring a tasting of pasta to golf. There are products that if people don’t try, they don’t know how to evaluate the difference. It is like golf, it is only after trying it that you start to like it “, he added.

In the case of Garofalo, not only did all the participants appreciate the menu – and each player even took home several Garofalo products–, but also the two ‘chefs’ asked the Bom Sucesso Resort to bring those Italian pastas to the usual menu of the restaurant.

200215 WCGC SC 058 1000x668 1

“The WCGC’s purpose is exactly to be a corporate tournament that make personal relationships and then extend them to the business area.

That is why it is the oldest corporate event since 1993, and also the most expanded internationally. One of the bases of its success is that everything happens in a relaxed atmosphere. It is not the same as doing business in an office”, signed José Guerra.

“We have been successful. People are already beginning to know what Garofalo brand is, an Italian pasta, with its own textures. One of the reasons for these partnerships is related to the target of our products, which are premium, and fit well in these tournaments. There has been a lot of interest in these events and we are already working with several hotel chains”, João Potier pointed out.

Jo%C3%A3o Potier 667x1000 1

The third stage of the WCGC Portugal 2020 will be sponsored by Audi at the Estoril Golf Club, on 6th of March.

Hugo Ribeiro / Golftattoo