2024 World Final

28 Oct - 1 Nov, Haikou

Golf Costa Adeje

In the captivating world of golf, every tournament and every venue play a pivotal role in the overall sports experience. As we draw closer to the World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final, set from October 2nd to 6th, 2023, Tenerife emerges into the spotlight.

At the heart of this event is the prestigious Golf Costa Adeje, whose director, Paul de Sterck, has graciously shared his insights, challenges, and the excitement surrounding this grand event. Dive into this interview and uncover the intricacies of one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year and the vision of one of its leading figures.”

The World Corporate Golf Challenge is known for attracting major companies and executives worldwide. What does it mean for Golf Costa Adeje to be part of this event?

For us, it is an honour and a pride to host this fabulous tournament for the second consecutive year. There is no doubt that the celebration of an event of the magnitude of the World Corporate Golf Challenge contributes to the dissemination of our brand as a reference worldwide, as far as golf competitions are concerned.

What facilities and services will Golf Costa Adeje offer the participants and attendees of the tournament?

The participants will find the course in magnificent condition since we have been working throughout the summer to ensure everything is perfect for this event and the winter season, which is very important for us. In addition, we offer a high-quality service within the Club House, where our gastronomic offer stands out.  

Golf Costa Adeje, a first-class destination

What is the key factor distinguishing Golf Costa Adeje as an ideal place to host high-level events, such as the European Tour?

On the one hand, we have a high-quality course, whose characteristics on the layout are ideal for competition. On the other hand, we are located in a spectacular enclave, surrounded by a natural environment and a quality hotel infrastructure, which are also crucial factors that place us as one of the best golf destinations at any level, without forgetting, of course, the excellent temperature we have throughout the year.

Last year, all the tournament participants highlighted the course’s quality and condition; what is the secret of its maintenance?

The work of our technical staff is essential. Our Greenkeeper and his team perform very meticulously with almost mathematical programming to obtain the best results. Golf Costa Adeje allocates a high budget regarding machinery and equipment with the latest technology necessary to get these results.

For the World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final in Tenerife, it is essential to respect local environmental practices; what are your sustainability plans?

As it could not be otherwise, we are very sensitive to protecting the environment. We have the corresponding ISO 14.001:2015 certification.  In this aspect, we have opted for using electric buggies in our field, in addition to using purified water for irrigation and reducing plastic consumption in our facilities, among other actions.

The World Corporate Golf Challenge is a competition and an opportunity to make business connections. What social or networking activities can be given in the field among the participants?

For the participants, it is an opportunity to meet in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere. This is one of the things that caught our attention last year; we thought it was a tournament with perfect vibes and a sensational atmosphere. We are convinced that bonds can be established during this event beyond the corporate level or golf competition.

We know that golf is a sport that demands precision and skill. What specific challenges does the Costa Adeje Golf Course present to players during the tournament?

During the last tournaments of the European circuit held in our field, the streets were adapted to the competition, becoming narrower. This feature, which we have maintained since then, and which, together with the speed of the greens, constitutes the most exciting challenge for players.

The landscape of Tenerife is breathtaking; how do you integrate the island’s natural beauty into the playing experience at Golf Costa Adeje during the tournament?

This is present throughout the tour. The field was formerly an agricultural plantation where bananas were grown; even today, there is an area within the field where they are still cultivated. Another unique feature is the stone walls; the native flora and fauna are still preserved and are part of the environment.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit Tenerife and play at Golf Costa Adeje, what would you highlight as the main reasons to participate in this event and discover the island?

Apart from a good climate and the landscape, we must highlight the quality of the service, the kindness in the treatment, and the experience we have on the island. The hotel offer of the island is excellent, as well as the leisure options, restaurants, shops, etc.

We have high-quality courses with excellent customer service and attention in the golf segment.

Finally, this year, you are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Golf Costa Adeje; how do you plan for the next 25 years?

We would desire to continue in the same line as until now. In recent years, we have become a benchmark for European golf tourism, and we want to continue to be so. To do this, we continue working to improve our facilities, maintain the quality of the field and always receive you with our best smile.