2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

We catch up with WCGC Thailand License Holder Chris Watson, to discuss his National Event and the business background that made him to get involved in the World Corporate Golf Challenge.

WCGC Thailand Licensee

What is your business background where did all start?

Events has been a the focus of my career after finding a passion for in at university in the UK. I quickly moved to Singapore in 2011 further my career in the industry. In the last 8 years I have managed over 200 events in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, with the highlight being the Sime Darby LPGA and Thailand Golf Championship with IMG.

How did you get involved with World Corporate Golf Challenge and what was it about WCGC capture your attention?

In 2017 set up my own company Fore Management Group, an event company specializing in organizing outstanding golf and sporting events. My business partner and I saw WCGC as the perfect launch pad to reaching high level executives in Thailand and therefore create multiple business opportunities for our young company.

Do you think you can export the keys of your success to other countries and Markets?

Yes, I believe we can and it would not surprise me if we owned other national event licenses in Asia in the coming years.

About golf and business

Do you think Golf teaches a lesson in life?

100% yes, from having played from a young age golf has taught me multiple lessons in life, the most important being sportsmanship and respect.

The golf course is a great place to make business, True or False?

This is very true, taking people out of the office opens them up and makes it easier to discuss business. You can get a good feel to whether you want to do business with someone from playing 18 holes with them.

How do you rate the World Final experience from the players point of view?

It’s fantastic, and give the amateurs the chance to experience feeling like a pro for a few days.