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“Where else can I find this?” This is the question many foreigners that visit the Oitavos golf course in Portugal (where WCGC finals will take place this year) ask themselves. How to invest in Portugal with Kleya?

Cascais, 22/06/2016 – World Corporate Golf Challenge – Final. Practice Day. Photo – Octavio Passos

In fact, if you go to any golf course in Portugal you may meet many foreigners that choose Portugal, as the place to develop their businesses. The great golf courses and scenery around them are one of the elements that make people from all around the world start thinking that they could not find and get better quality of life conditions. When you combine quality of life with other factors, namely Portugal’s infrastructure and qualified labour and legislation that has been designed to attract foreign investment – you realize that Portugal is the full package. So, if you want to conciliate your investments with golfing, maybe you would like to stay in Portugal after the WCGC.

In fact, in addition to large multinationals relocating their services to Portugal (BNP Paribas, Google and Revolut are some examples), Portugal also counts with a growing number of startups that are looking for national incubators and joining the national entrepreneurship ecosystem. The numbers are clear: Startup Lisboa alone has gone from a 20% share of foreign start-ups, up to 50% within three years. This dynamic generates a business environment that is increasingly favourable to the development of new businesses and this is felt by those who are arriving to Portugal for the first time.

Moreover, if you establish your company in a big city like Lisbon or Oporto, you will find that the office and staff costs are relatively low compared with other capitals in Western Europe. The best part is that the Portuguese government is making Portugal more attractive than ever by adapting its tax laws. The time it takes to create a company and the simplicity of processes, may come to a surprise to foreigners who wish to start a business. Foreign investment-friendly tax laws such as the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Regime created special tax rates for highly skilled professionals, are just one of the many options foreigners have in Portugal.

Other special regimes are those related to investment, in this case Real Estate. The above mentioned NHR regime and also the Golden Visa -a Residency by Investment permit that grants you access to the Schengen area through investments as low as 350.000€- plus the increasing reputation of Portugal as a Touristic destination, contributes to an upward trend in the Real Estate market. And despite the current market context, there are still many opportunities available.

If you are an investor, an entrepreneur or simply looking for business opportunities – start your research, now. That way when you come to Portugal you will have more time to play golf. Good business motives combined with the Portuguese quality of life and investment-friendly laws, may just be enough to make Portugal, not only your golden days destination, but also your Investment destination.

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