2022 World Final

17-21 October, Tenerife (Spain)

The World Corporate Golf Challenge is delighted to announce that Proton Therapy Center in Prague, the most advanced facility in Europe, treating patients from 25 countries for more than three years, is sponsoring this year’s World Final in Cascais, Portugal, from the 21st – 26th June 2016, at The Oitavos Hotel and The Oitavos Dunes Links course.

Proton therapy is an advanced treatment of tumours which minimises the risks and increases the chances of the oncology patient ensuring a better quality of life, not only during but especially after the treatment. The main advantage of proton beams is the precise irradiation, most energy being given purely onto the tumour.

In comparison with existing radiation methods, protons save the surrounding healthy tissue. The patient is irradiated from different angles and the intensity can be well modulated, which brings other benefits – the treatment decreases the risk of developing side-effects in patients and is therefore more cost-effective for insurers in the long run.

Proton Therapy Center in Prague offers much lower prices to both private patients and insurance companies than the centres in the United States. Proton therapy is suitable for tumours in children, brain tumours, head and neck tumours, lymphoma and also for prostate carcinoma. Early stage of prostate cancer can be treated in 5 days only, with 97% curability in the Prague centre.

The sponsorship deal will position Proton Therapy Center at the 2016 World Final. Competitors and Guests will get the chance at every opportunity to get informed about study cases, methodology and experience throughout the five day event. They will be present in the Hospitality Area, at the Oitavos Dunes golf course as well as being showcased at a number of official World Corporate Golf Challenge functions.

Harry Lloyd, Event Director for the WCGC said, “We are delighted to have Proton Therapy Center sponsoring the 2016 World Final in Cascais. To be associated with such a high quality and innovative company in the area of medical therapies is an honour. Despite the progress that has been achieved using modern methods of therapy, cancer still remains one of the greatest problems within medicine. This is why it’s so important that all of us are updated in new therapies and treatments. It is companies like Proton Therapy Center that are forging the way in beating cancer.”

Jose Guerra, WCGC Chairman said, “We are extremely pleased to have Proton Therapy Center Czech in Prague as Sponsor at this year’s World Final. To have our name besides a company with such important technology in cancer treatment is very important to us. I am in no doubt that the players and guests will get the total awareness of the specific treatments the Proton Therapy Center have.”

Václav Laštovka, owner of Proton Therapy Center Czech: «On behalf of Proton Therapy Center Czech in Prague- the most modern proton center and the European leader in radiotherapy/oncology care- let me say that we are proud to be part of WCGC World Final 2016. For us it is a great opportunity to draw attention to the newest method of cancer treatment – proton therapy – which has many advantages. Proton Therapy significantly improves and extends treatment of tumours near vital structures with minimal damage to healthy tissue and risk of secondary complications. Proton therapy is the treatment method for malignant tumours that offers the best prospects of the 21st century. PTC is equipped with state of the art technology in proton therapy diagnostic and planning procedures for the treatment of cancer, and our goal is to provide the patient with the best care and comfort possible. All of our patients are very active people. Thanks to proton therapy they can stay active even during the treatment, and their quality of life is preserved. Half of PTC’s clients are men with prostate cancer, a diagnosis which we were the first in the world to treat in just 5 days. For most of these men, playing golf or other sports is a favourite activity. As you can see we have a lot in common and being part of this great event says it all.»