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World Corporate Golf Challenge Portugal 2024 Sesimbra

Last weekend, from the 15th to the 17th of March, the first three World Corporate Golf Challenge Portugal 2024 qualifiers took place at Quinta do Peru Golf & Country Club golf course, whose promoter is Golf Concept. The golfers from several country regions attended the competitions, representing 80 national companies, with 190 participants, including players, partners, and guests.

The choice of WCGC Portugal’s first destination reflects the confidence and investment that the Municipal Council of Sesimbra has made to welcome it. Since 2022, the WCGC has increased the number of qualifiers yearly because “The importance is huge. Increasingly, Sesimbra City Council intends to invest in a golf product, which is a product that develops in a seasonal period and guarantees a dimension of tourism and an audience that we want to reach. We intend to attract more people, both tourists and, in this case, businesspeople.”, says Councilor Maria Argentina Marques from Sesimbra City Council.

The companies classified in the WCGC qualifiers will compete for the title of national champion on July 6th, in Óbidos, on the Praia D’El Rey golf course.

The company holding the title will be able to enjoy a fantastic experience and compete for the title of World Champion in Haikou, China, from October 27th to November 1st. “This is big news for the world’s largest corporate golf circuit of companies; it is to raise the global world to its maximum exponent with the holding of the World Final in China. The word international has never gained so much expression, and this is an advantage for all companies that participate in the circuit”, reinforces Ana Massapina, WCGC Portugal Licensee.

World Corporate Golf Challenge Portugal 2024 Qualifiers: A Gateway to Corporate Golf Excellence

The 2nd qualifier of the World Corporate Golf Challenge Portugal by Turkish Airlines was on March 16th. The Director of Turkish Airlines Portugal, Ahmet Sahiner, attended it and highlighted, “The partnership started eight years ago. So, we have been continuing to join this partnership to continue this pattern because we are so happy to be part of this challenge. And there is a connection between the corporate side and the professional side in these tournaments that we appreciate a lot”.

Turkish Airlines Portugal is currently the world champion of the World Corporate Golf Challenge, in the year in which this prestigious event celebrated 30 years of existence. This partnership proves that “companies that join the event can count on international promotion and recognition. Characteristics that translate a seal of quality and investment guarantee”, says Estela Sargento, WCGC Portugal Licensee.

There are three companies qualified in each qualifier, and in the 1st one using the gross classification, a female team representing Targetting, Madalena Costa Macedo and Ana Basílio dos Santos, made 53 points. In the Net classification, second place, with 67 points, was the company Vista Alegre, the official trophy of the World Corporate Golf Challenge, composed by Fernando Correia and Luís Martins, and the winning company was Moragri, Sociedade Agrícola, with 70 points, represented by Miguel Portela Morais and Alexandre Castelo which states that “Being part of the WCGC is combining the pleasure of playing golf with all the involvement that the organization provides us. Good moments of golf with great team spirit.”

In the second qualifier, the winning company in the Net classification was Padaria Trigo Bom, who made 63 points, represented by Vitor António and Miguel Heliodoro, who praised that “The strategy is to attack and that concentration has to be at the highest level, because golf it’s not just a physical sport, but a lot of concentration.” The company Maquinar Mais followed, with 60 points, which will go to the national final with Luís Martins and João Carvalho. In the Gross classification, AUDI qualified with 51 points, which Rui Pedro Brehm and Salvador Brehm achieved.

On the last day of the competition, in Sesimbra, Avila Spaces wins the first Gross with Nuno Costa Alemão and Luís Filipe Pinheiro, with 53 points. According to the net classification, second place is obtained by João Paulo Pingo and Luís Carvalho, who, after having participated in all Sesimbra qualifiers, in third place, Clínica Dentária Almancil won the place in the National Final with 61 points. Themudo Thelecom was no exception and won first place net with 62 points. Lourenço Themudo and João Pedro Themudo intend to “Compete with the best and win to represent Portugal in the world final”.

Partner Activations: A Flavorful Experience at WCGC Portugal Qualifiers

One of WCGC Portugal’s commitments is guaranteeing effective communication to all its partners. In this way, the activations of the different partners were not missed in the first qualifiers: with the flavoured Nicola coffee, the energy bars from Wissi, the cocktails from Per Se as well as the tasting of the flavours of Sesimbra promoted by Escola Profissional Agostinho Roseta, in Sesimbra. Cigala, Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Coral Beer, Brisa Maracujá and 2Nuts hosted the lunches.

At the same time, and with the commitment to sustainability every day to WCGC Portugal, Água Monchique assumes the role of official water in the circuit with a “green” attitude, intending to preserve the planet’s resources through refill water points throughout the golf course, also making players aware of the importance of this topic. After the first 12 teams have been selected, the World Corporate Golf Challenge will go to Madeira Island to choose three more teams for the National Final.

WCGC thanks the support of sponsors and partners: AUDI, Município de Óbidos, Câmara Municipal de Sesimbra, Turkish Airlines, Axis Hoteis, B travel, Associação de Promoção da Madeira, Philips, Sesimbra SPA & Hotel, Município de Ponte de Lima, Vila Baleira, Vista Alegre, Afirma, Água Monchique, BDR, Coral, Brisa Maracujá, Distintus, Beirão D’Honra, Per Se, Cigala, Nicola, Uriage, Santos e Vale, Wissi, Fundação S. João de Deus, Floor Sensation e Associação Empresarial do Minho, Golftattoo, Golfe Press, Grupo Multipublicações (Executive Digest, Revista Marketeer, Human Resources), Greensavers, Evoque Mag, TNews e Revista Business Portugal.