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30th Anniversary World Corporate Golf Challenge Winners

Explore the thrilling journey of the latest World Corporate Golf Challenge champions as they share their insights on conquering Golf Costa Adeje and seizing victory in the tournament’s iconic 30th-anniversary edition. From facing challenging opponents to handling pressure with ease, discover the winning mindset that propelled this dynamic duo to success.

Plus, delve into their reflections on the tournament’s evolution over 30 years and gain valuable advice for aspiring golfers eyeing future WCGC editions. Join us for an inside look at the champions’ extraordinary experience and the significance of their victory for them and their esteemed sponsor, Turkish Airlines.

Experience in Tenerife

Tenerife is known for its impressive golf courses; what do you think of Golf Costa Adeje, the course where the final was played?

It is a challenging golf course, with holes with unique characteristics that are difficult to replicate on other courses. Holes 3 and 4 are iconic. In addition, the course was in excellent condition. Perfect.

Costa Adeje Golf is a beautiful and very challenging course. It is a course that is in excellent condition in all aspects, especially the greens, which were fabulous.

Outside of the course, did you have time to enjoy any places or activities in Tenerife that you particularly enjoyed?

We stayed in a world-class hotel: the Tivoli La Caleta. It was excellent. And Tenerife has a lot to do: surfing, hiking in the mountains and lots of “Movida”!

World Corporate Golf Challenge 2023 winners with Portugal licensees

About the Tournament

What do you consider to be the critical moment that led you to victory?

My partner Alex’s last 9 holes have been devastating. I’ve never seen him play like that. It was brilliant… It is true that on the 18th hole, he indeed put the ball out of bounds. Luckily, on that hole, I managed to do well and finish with a birdie…

“I always believed from the beginning that we could win. Maintaining this positive mindset was the key to victory. And play well, of course!” replies Alexandre.

Were there any opponents or teams that you found particularly challenging?

The Chinese team started badly in the last round, and they were less good at the end of the first 9 holes. However, they got it right in the last 9 holes and on the 18th hole, they were only 2 strokes away… Fortunately, this last hole went our way.

How did you handle the pressure, especially at critical moments in the tournament?

Alex and I have high-level competition experience. In addition to golf (where we have already represented Portugal in the youth teams), we played other sports at a high level (such as rugby, where I also represented the national team). Dealing with these moments of oppression is part of our DNA.

The WCGC 30th Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the World Corporate Golf Challenge; what does it mean to you to be the champions in such an iconic year?

It’s a special milestone. Winning is good; in the 30 years of the tournament, it’s even better.

What do you think about the evolution and growth of the tournament over these 30 years?

The evolution that the tournament has had and the prestige it has gained are evident. It’s been an excellent job. The way teams like China face this tournament is an example of the value of this championship.

A particular word to Estela Sargento and Ana Massapina from WCGC Portugal and Golf Concept, who, in Portugal, do an excellent job at the organizational level to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the players don’t miss anything. TOP!

Future and Reflections

What advice would you give to other golfers aspiring to compete in future editions of the WCGC?

The preparation has to be very good. The qualifying rounds are tough. But it’s worth it… Train well! Alexander adds, “Give everything to qualify for the world final because it is a spectacular experience! Persistence is the word.”

Finally, how would you describe your overall experience at the World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final, and what does this victory mean to you and your company?

We were invited by Turkish Airlines, whose invitation we are grateful for. To win on behalf of such a prestigious airline is an honour and pleasure. Make the victory taste even better!

The experience was spectacular! There is an excellent atmosphere around the entire tournament, players and organization. You can feel the atmosphere of competition in golf but, simultaneously, a great spirit of fraternization between players and networking between companies.

I wanted to win since I first played in this tournament in 2009. Our moment finally arrived, and I felt very happy”, added Alexander.