2023 World Final

National Cellar 1573 Cup o GUOJIAOHUI Member National Golf Challenge and World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) China National Finals were held on January 11-13 in Hainan Shenzhou Peninsula. 77 qualified players standing out from nearly a thousand players in 11 city qualifiers gather together to compete in the National Final, enjoying this wonderful golf event with luzhou-flavor liquor!

As the whistle goes off on the first day, all the players start off to the course for the competition. The golf skills showed by the players are not second to professional golfers with calm manner, smooth swing and natural pose which has brought people the enjoyment of manpower and beauty. This is not so much an intense competition, but it is a stage on which all the participants will express themselves freely. In the swing of competition, players gather together to taste the mellow Baijiu and enjoy life.

As the night falls, Shenzhou Peninsula is ablaze with lights. National Cellar 1573 has elaborately prepared a theme dinner for all the players – Night of National Cellar 1573 officially began.

In this dreamlike Sanya, this is a romantic night that players are enchanted with the mellow luzhou-flavor liquor and began dancing along with the melody. New and old friends came together to share this feast of golf with the players for the National Final. We raise a toast to wish all the players good luck in the theme of traditional Li Miao dancing and singing.

The stunning European-style long table dinner is also unique to National Cellar 1573 theme night. Through the reference to the traditional Western long table dinner form, it reveals the collision between history and modernity. Guests happily toast to each other, unwittingly narrowing the distance between people by tasting good liquor of more than 400 years with drifting fragrance in the air.

Along with the ethereal music of “Boyana” band from Portugal and the strong Southern European-style atmosphere, all the guests enjoy their food and wine in this fairy-tale world. The interesting interactive part “Exchange of Gifts from Different Cities” has attracted active participation of GUOJIAOHUI club members while the distinctive gifts have won a big round of applause.

The lively themed dinner ended with happy laughter and cheerful voices. The guests all said goodnight and wished each other a wonderful performance in the second round of the competition.

On the second competition day, with the sun shining brightly all the players have been ready to fight for the final round! Surrounded in a picturesque scenery on the golf course, the players speak high of the professional tournament experience.

After two rounds of fierce competition, the gross champion Wong Jian has won the National Final and Fu Tai finished as gross runner-up. They will represent National Cellar 1573 to participate in the WCGC World Final 2018 in Cascais, competing against the players from other countries for the highest honor.

The great success of WCGC China National Final starts the journey of letting the world feel the taste of Luzhou-flavor liquor. Li Xiaogang, Deputy General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., awarded the “Road to World Final” round-trip tickets to the winning team encouraging them to endow the national Baijiu with a brand new meaning in the sports spirit of self-confidence and courage.

Zhang Biao, General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao National Cellar Sales Co., Ltd., and Mr. Winsen Qian, Chairman of WCGC China Organizing Committee award them the event green flag as a souvenir and wish the team good luck for the WCGC World Final 2018. The perfect ending of the National Final also expresses great expectations to achieve three successive championships on the World Final.