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Remax Golden Mile, an investment with tangible benefits

If you are considering investing in a property, whether for living or as a holiday space, it is essential o be attentive to the promotions and opportunities announced on specialised portals and real estate websites such as www.goldenmiletenerife.com

In its role as the new sponsor of the World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final, held in Tenerife from October 17 to 21, 2022, Remax Golden Mile welcomes players and guests from more than 30 countries to the long-awaited event and invites them to enjoy the hospitality and the best attractions offered by the island of Tenerife. 

The WCGC represents one of the largest corporate golf tournaments in the world. This year’s World Final symbolises a unique opportunity for players to compete as representatives of their companies against different corporations around the world. It is a human exchange that mixes professional passion and love for golf. 

The perfect place for a quiet life

Tenerife is an island full of unique places for its climatic or geographical characteristics and its beautiful natural landscapes. In the south of the island, we can find solitary white sand beaches worthy of the best travel photos and famous spas full of tourists, such as Los Cristianos and Las Américas.

The southern part of the island has a more arid and flat climate with sparse vegetation, a scenario opposite to the northern region, where you can always find the green characteristic of nature. Despite these differences, throughout the island, it is common to enjoy a pleasant climate practically all year round. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal opportunity for those who want to enjoy a quiet life surrounded by nature.

Remax Golden Mile

An investment with tangible benefits

Suppose you are an investor and you want to undertake a new project. In that case, a feature of the island can be decisive when choosing your next business: Tenerife is a potential focus of attraction, thanks to the holiday demand throughout the year. Prices for properties located in beach areas are usually more expensive than inland, but the risk is minimised due to high demand.

If you are considering investing in a property, whether for living or as a holiday space, it is essential to be attentive to the promotions and opportunities announced on specialised portals and real estate websites. Remax Golden Mile stands out among the latter, offering excellent investment options from its website: www.goldenmiletenerife.com 

When investing in real estate, you must consider what type of property you want, whether a house, a flat or a farm; everything will depend on the taste and the available budget. Each property type has its characteristics, which must be considered when choosing what will be acquired. It is always advisable to request the advice of professionals from the real estate sector.

How to invest in Tenerife

The Golden Visa is a residence visa for investors that aims to attract non-EU foreign investors. This mechanism allows foreign investors who meet specific requirements to reside legally in Spain for six months to two years, depending on the type of investment, without a maximum limit.

The investment can be made in financial assets, real estate or business projects. For the acquisition of a property, the investment must be for a value of 500,000 euros free of encumbrances; that is, it must not have been acquired through loans or mortgages except for the sum that exceeds the said value.

With all this, the investment can be higher and can be made through a loan, as long as the acquisition of 500,000 euros is demonstrated free of debts.

Choosing the right option

Once the options have been analysed and the pre-selection of the properties has been made, the right thing to do will be to plan with your real estate agent the visit to the chosen properties. It is essential to be able to review them in detail, evaluate them and finally select the best one. A house has certain advantages over a flat in terms of usable space. However, floors are cheaper, have less space, are easier to maintain, and can be the best option for those who like practical and functional areas.

Companies like Remax Golden Mile offer extensive catalogues with great options for homes and flats for all tastes and possibilities. In addition, it provides you with the best legal advice you need, the support of a work team with high capacity and professional ethics, and the excellent reputation of a business organisation with international recognition. 

In short, whatever the option to choose, whether it is a flat or a house, investing in Tenerife will always be an excellent option that should be taken advantage of, not only for the extraordinary climate it offers but also for all the benefits offered by the reactivation of the real estate sector. 

Building reliability and trust 

Remax is the world’s leading international network of real estate franchises. Present in 110 countries, it is characterised mainly by applying its exclusive work system, through which both associates and clients acquire the most excellent real estate market benefits.

Installed in Tenerife, Remax Golden Mile, the company has consolidated new skills to acquire properties through different channels, such as judicial auctions, banks or individuals, restructure and resell them, and promote commercialisation properties safely, with technical and professional procedures. 

One of its most outstanding achievements has been managing its clients’ properties exclusively, obtaining sales faster and at a better price thanks to providing quality service and personalised attention.

The ReMax Golden Mile project is constantly evolving. It is committed to finding the best solutions and strategies for its real estate agents, ensuring they can offer their clients the best possible real estate experience.